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VE-135 and VE-130

What is VE-135 and VE-130 data?

The VE-135 is a database which contains demographic and programmatic information for secondary and post-secondary level students. It is primarily used to report enrollment and follow-up (placement) information for CTE students, but information for post-secondary students having academic and undeclared majors is also collected.

The VE-130 Active Teacher data is used by schools to record which CTE programs their instructors are teaching in during the current school year.

Who must report the VE-135 and VE-130 data?

Any school with active or contracted CTE programs. Even if you do not report FTE for CTA reimbursement to CCCS or participate in Perkins funding, you must still report your VE-135 and VE-130 data every year. A 5-year trend analysis of VE-135 data is required for program renewals.

Why does the VE-135 data have to be reported?

To comply with state CTA and federal Perkins regulations for CTE funding, CCCS is required by law to collect Colorado CTE enrollment and follow-up student data each year.

The data is used in five main areas –

  • To calculate federal Perkins funding allocations,
  • To generate the annual statewide and institution level Perkins performance metrics,
  • To generate the 5-year trend reports used in the program approval process,
  • To generate the legislative Career and Technical Act Annual Report,
  • To determine Civil Rights monitoring visits.

How do I report the VE-135 and VE-130 data?


All VE-135 enrollment and placement (follow-up) reporting may be done within the VE 135 website with the exception of post-secondary enrollment in programs offered at CCCS System colleges. That data is imported by CCCS separately.

You have the option of submitting the VE-135 enrollment and follow-up (placement) in a data file upload or by single record entry. Instructions on how to do this can be found within the VE 135 website. You must have a login account to access the website.

When should the data be reported?

Due dateDescription
July 30VE-135 enrollment data must be submitted to CCCS with the exception of postsecondary level data for all System colleges, Aims, CMC, DMTC, Department of Corrections, Division of Youth Corrections, PTC, and EGTC.
July 30VE-130 active teacher updates and additions
March 30VE-135 follow-up data must be submitted to CCCS from all institutions.