Getting Started & Setting Up Contacts FAQ

Each district/college will have one primary CTE contact who is that district/college’s ‘power user.’ They will be able to set up all of their colleagues’ log-ins and determine what type of access they should have. The power user will have access to all modules within the system; currently only program approval and Perkins grant management is live in The district/college’s power user will be able to assign whether the users should be able to submit programs, modify programs but not submit, or have read-only access to programs, as well as manage access types to their Perkins Grant. Please reach out to this user at your district/institution for access.

New user accounts will receive an automated notification email from a “noreply” address with your log-in information for how to enter Your user name is your work email – hurrah! The first time you log-in might be a little wonky, so please don’t give up.

DO NOT SHARE YOUR LOG-IN PASSWORD. Do you realize that if you share your log-in you are liable for any actions taken by your user account? Think about it, once we have all of the modules housed in the system–if you can access program approvals, Perkins grant funding, CTA funding, etc. through your log-in, then whoever you share the password with will be able to, too!

If you did not receive an automatic notification email with log-in information, you can still go to the website and click the forgot password link to receive a verification code to reset your password.

Make sure the url shows the ‘s’ in https : as in, .

We’ve also noticed that if your browser has a setting on to “Block third party cookies” then you will have issues with your log-in attempts. So, for initial troubleshooting, do check this setting to make sure it is off. We’ve noticed the site works better in Chrome and Firefox, not as well in Safari.

If you need instructions on how to clear your browser cache, we have a brief video here.

When you log on (especially for the first time), sometimes you might be directed to a 404 error page. Click on any link (the home link on that error, the CTE logo, or the menu at the top right) and that should take you out of it.

If you are still having issues, you can submit a technical assistance request via this form.

Review your cookies configuration:

  • Menu > Options  (screenshot 1)
  • Privacy & Security > Custom > Cookies > Cookies from unvisited websites (screenshot 2)


  • Primary Program Managers can
    • Submit programs for review to Colorado CTE
    • Create new programs for the schools they are associated with in universal contacts
    • Edit all program steps within the application process
  • Limited Program Managers can
    • Edit existing programs for the schools they are associated with in universal contacts
    • Edit most program steps within the application process
      • They cannot create a Program of Study
  • Program Read only can
    • View programs, no edit capabilities

Only the district/college power user can assign Data Collection permissions to themselves or colleagues.

There are three permissions available to add to a user’s profile, so you can select whether you would like a user to have access to just teacher records, just student records, or both.

  • DC Local – Submission Approver – Only one person at a district/institution should have this permission. It is most likely that you as the power user would want to be the only person to have this permission at your district/college. It allows you to finalize and sign off on Enrollment, Follow-up, and Active Teachers submissions before the collection period closes.
  • DC Local – Teacher Record – This allows access/editing capabilities in Active Teachers.
  • DC Local – Student Record – This allows access/editing capabilities in Enrollment and Follow-up.

If you toggle this on the user will automatically appear on every program approval associated with the district/school/college/department that you toggled it ‘on’ for. This feature is independent from assigning user permissions.

Check out a brief video here. In case there’s a specific topic you are interested in, the topics are addressed in this order:

  • How to search existing contacts
  • How to create an account for someone to be able to log into the CTE Gateway
  • How to associate that person to a district/school/BOCES/college/department
  • How to assign the person permissions
  • How the Perkins grant consortium fiscal agents can support member districts in setting up users with the appropriate permissions.

When you created the user, did you toggle ‘This user requires a login’ to green?

When you created the user, did you attach them to your district/college? If you forgot to, let us know and we will link them up–then you’ll be able to edit their information/permissions at any time.

Did you assign them a permission? If you weren’t sure what permissions they should be assigned, check out the question above.

Still having issues? Check out some of the log-in fixes above. If all else fails, you can submit issues via this form. Thank you for your patience as we work out the kinks.

We have planned for a phased rollout of each module for You will receive access to each component as it is ready to be released. At that point you will see a new ‘card’ on your log-in page with that module and we will also email a notification to the district/institution’s primary CTE contact.

Module Which Site to Use Open/Collection Period
Program Approval Open for business
Contact Management Open for business
Enrollment/Follow-up/Active Teachers Reporting Active Teachers – Opened Nov. 24, 2020, closes Aug. 31, 2021.

Follow-up – Opened Dec. 1, 2020, closes March 31, 2021.

Enrollment – Opens May 1, 2021, closes July 31, 2021 for middle/secondary and Aug. 31, 2021 for postsecondary.

Perkins FY20 To complete your final vouchers – Closed August 31, 2020
Perkins FY21</