GRAND SLAM.  ADVANCED SPORT/EVENT MARKETING : This sport/event marketing course develops student skill in determining the economic impact of sports/events, price setting, research, marketing, positioning, product/service management, and promotion and sales strategies. Throughout the course, students are presented problem-solving situations for which they must apply academic and critical-thinking skills.

Describe legal issues affecting the marketing of sport/event products (BL:058, BA LAP 10) (SP)
Describe the impact of unions on the sport/event industries (EC:053) (SP)
Explain international trade considerations for sport/event industries (customs, exchange rates, use of financial institutions, trade regulations, foreign distributors, government regulation, cultural / value differences) (EC:059) (SP)
INSTRUCTIONAL AREA: Financial Analysis
Explain the need for sport/event insurance (FI:596) (SP)
Conduct a risk assessment of an event (FI:597) (SP)
INSTRUCTIONAL AREA: Information Management
Use database for information analysis (NF:185) (SP)
Identify sport/event trends (NF:065) (SP)
Measure economic impact of sport/event (NF:187) (MN)
Explain distribution systems for the sport/event industries (OP:343) (SP)
Conduct site inspections (OP:345) (SP)
Develop contingency plans for events (personnel, weather, power outage, damage control) (OP:093) (SP)
INSTRUCTIONAL AREA: Professional Development
Describe the role of governing bodies in the sport industry (PD:279) (SP)
INSTRUCTIONAL AREA: Marketing Information Management
Assess marketing-information needs (IM:182) (MN)
» MKMN.08.01.a, MKMR.05.01.a
Establish and maintain sport/event marketing information system (IM:252) (MN)
Collect marketing information from others (e.g., customers, staff, vendors) (IM:187) (SP)
Explain the use of descriptive statistics for marketing decision making (IM:191) (SP)
» MKTC.24.04.b
Write marketing reports (IM:192) (SP)
Present report findings and recommendations (IM:193) (SP)
INSTRUCTIONAL AREA: Marketing Planning
Identify sport/event target-market segments (MP:036) (MN)
Select target market (MP:005) (MN)
» MKTC.25.01.e
Conduct market analysis (market size, area, potential, etc.) (MP:009) (MN)
» MKTC.25.01.i
Conduct SWOT analysis for use in the marketing-planning process (MP:010, IM LAP 8) (MN)
» MKTC.25.01.j
Conduct competitive analysis (MP:012) (MN)
» MKTC.25.01.l
Forecast sales for marketing plan (MP:014) (MN)
» MKTC.25.01.n
Develop marketing plan (MP:018) (MN)
» MKTC.25.01.r
Monitor and evaluate performance of marketing plan (MP:022) (MN)
» MKTC.25.02.d
Establish price objectives for sport/event products (PI:049) (MN)
Calculate break-even point (PI:006, PI LAP 4) (MN)
» MKCO.12.01.e, MKMN.09.01.b
Select pricing strategies (PI:046) (MN)
» MKCO.12.01.f, MKME.10.01.e
Set ticket/event prices (PI:033) (MN)
INSTRUCTIONAL AREA: Product / Service Management
Assess “product” readiness for sport/event (PM:146) (MN)
Determine merchandising opportunities for a sport/event (PM:086) (SP)
Determine goods and services required for an event (PM:147) (SP)
Bundle/Package extra amenities with tickets (PM:148) (MN)
Develop pre-season booking strategy (PM:149) (MN)
Develop ticket-sales program (PM:166) (MN)
Select hospitality options (PM:150) (MN)
Explain the role of agents in sports (PM:143) (SP)
Obtain endorsements for sports/events (PM:151) (MN)
Develop a licensing program (PM:153, PM LAP 14) (MN)
Select strategies for maintaining/building fan support (PR:136, PR LAP 19) (SP)
Coordinate community outreach projects (PR:195) (SP)
Identify ambush strategies to use at other events (e.g., flyers, bill posting, etc.) (PR:198) (SP)
Develop viral sport/event marketing strategies (PR:199) (SP)
Explain considerations in using special events as a sales-promotion strategy (PR:213) (SP)
Plan special events for sports/events (PR:214) (SP)
Coordinate activities in the promotional mix (PR:076) (SP)
» MKTC.28.06.b
Develop promotional calendar (PR:209) (SP)
» MKME.12.05.a
Prepare promotional budget (PR:098) (MN)
» MKCO.14.18.g
Assess need to use promoters (PR:210) (MN)
Set sponsorship objectives (PR:155) (MN)
Write/Prepare sponsorship proposal (PR:211) (MN)
Prepare sponsorship agreement (PR:212) (MN)
Explain the use of advertising agencies (PR:081) (SP)
» MKCO.14.19.a
Explain ticketing and seating arrangements (SE:314) (SP)
Estimate market share (IM:350) (MN)
» MKMN.08.02.e, MKMR.05.12.l
Prospect for corporate sponsors (SE:324) (SP)
Sell venue (SE:319) (SP)
Cultivate group sales (SE:320) (SP)
Sell sport/event sponsorships (SE:321, SE LAP 127) (SP)
Follow up with potential corporate sponsors (SE:323) (SP)
Negotiate sport/event sponsorship contract (SE:322) (SP)
Solicit grant/foundation money (SE:348) (SP)
Develop proof-of-performance packages for sponsors (SE:325) (SP)
Service sponsors (SE:326) (SP)
Establish barter agreements (vendors, media, etc.) (SE:327) (MN)

» = Colorado standard