logo(SC) 2 Student Leadership Conference in 2022 is VIRTUAL!

Date of conference Experience:

April 8: Student submissions due

April 22: Judges review submissions due

April 29: Virtual Awards Ceremony

Registration Costs and Deadlines:

*You MUST be a registered chapter under an approved ACE program to participate

Chapter registration due: FREE: Monday, February 28th – Chapter Registration Link

Conference registration due: Friday, April 1st, Registration Link

Leadership Conference fee: $5.00 per student

The ACE Student Leadership Conference, (SC) 2, includes competitive events, keynote speakers and workshops for attendees. Attendance at the (SC) 2 Leadership Conference is not mandatory; rather an exciting opportunity to empower your students by demonstrating their classroom learning with their peers from across the state. The (SC) 2 Leadership Conference is an event that provides professional development and celebrates your students’ skills.

2022 Conference Documents

2022 Event Guidelines

The following documents are also available in a shared Google Drive for all conference registrants.

Appropriate and reasonable accommodations will be made to address individual student needs. Requests must be made within the DLG system one month in advance of the conference. At the time of registration and accommodations request, please also contact Marta Osuna, ACE CTE Board at: mosuna316@gmail.com to initiate the required board approval process for accommodations.