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Lauren Jones Austin, MA, NCC, MCC*
CTE Program Director for Special Populations, Counseling & Equity
email: Lauren.Jones@cccs.edu
phone: 720-858-2825
*MCC= Meaningful Career Conversationalist

Using CTE’s Programs of Study (POS) as a foundation for having Meaningful Career Conversations (MCCs) with students and families statewide, is a superb model for thoughtful ICAP processes. In Colorado CTE, Faculty and Directors collaborate with School Counselors in implementation of ICAP processes at the local and state levels. CTE is all about Learning, Earning and Living. School Counselors are all about Academic, Career and Personal/Social. Together we make ICAP happen!

ICAP Toolkit

See the Colorado Department of Higher Education (CDE) website for information on ICAP background, awards, summit, implementation, practice, training, and resources.

Training and Assistance

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ICAP is the vehicle by which Colorado students explore the world beyond high school and reflect their understanding and plan for these next steps. ICAP is also a tool that reflects how a student’s Postsecondary and Workforce Readiness (PWR) is achieved, accomplished and understood.

Process:  ICAP is a multi-year process, one that will span the lives of students who are now in middle and high school and that will continue into adulthood. By adopting research-based best practices and by revamping our knowledge for developmentally appropriate ICAP activities with secondary students, Colorado now focuses on a meaningful process which results in a plan.

Meaningful Career Conversations (MCC)

Aptitude Assessment

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