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Administrators Handbook Sec 3.06 (a)

Courses offered in state approved CTE programs must be based on the Colorado Technical Content Standards.  Standards, developed through efforts of secondary and postsecondary instructors and validated by business and industry representative, are arranged by cluster and pathway. Instructors and administrators can access the standards on the CTE Standards Website. The database allows for the creation of courses by selection of individual standards and outcomes.

CTE Standards Website:
Instructions for using the website can be found below. Creation of an account and login is required if you plan to save the work for future access.
Online Course Builder with login
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CTE content standards have been aligned to Colorado Academic Standards. Academic alignment was determined by work of CTE instructors and instructors from the individual academic disciplines.  Alignment can be added to the completed courses at the end of the outcome selection process.

In some clusters there are also connections between the outcomes and instructional resources designed for presentation of the content.  Information can be added to a completed course at the end of the outcome selection.

career clusters

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Contact information by industry sector can be found on our Educator page.

See also: Colorado Department of Education, CDE Colorado Academic Standards

  • CTA reports for FY16 due September 1, 2016 will be completed online. Please use the Career and Technical Act Fiscal Reporting Site,

Colorado State Plan Summary

Renewing Career and Technical Education in Colorado, January 2008.  A summary of the Colorado State Plan for implementation of the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act of 2006.

Perkins Technical and Advisement Guides

CCCS Advisement Guides

CTE Online Technical Guides

Perkins Consortia Materials

Consortia Member Districts Award Packet Forms

Consortia Member District Forms

Consortia Local Plan Action Steps

Tools for Perkins Action Steps

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