HB-1165 is on track this quarter to meet its goals

//HB-1165 is on track this quarter to meet its goals

HB-1165 is on track this quarter to meet its goals

The Community College of Denver (CCD) hosted the HB-1156 Campus Coordinators and Colorado Helps Advanced Manufacturing Program (CHAMP) navigators on October 16th at the recently completed Advanced Manufacturing Center. HB-1165 Coordinators met to update their common goals and work. Marilyn Smith outlined work being done through the (CHAMP) grant and introduced the CHAMP navigators. The day was spent discussing relevant products, partners and challenges facing the manufacturing pathway effort.

The Campus Coordinators are almost done completing the pathways for each of their economic blueprint regions for the first (production) of five identified manufacturing career areas identified at regional mini summits held across the State of Colorado. The document will be a valuable resource for secondary, post-secondary educational facilities and the students they serve.

Manufacturing Partnership Incentive (MPI) grants are exceeding expectations. The grant awarded to Pueblo manufacturing centered schools achieved an inventory of resources for youth to accelerate their manufacturing career awareness. Pueblo City Schools and District #70 partnered with Pueblo Workforce manufacturing partners and Pueblo Community College (PCC) to hold Manufacturing Camp in June. The Pueblo group produced an excellent video showing what can be accomplished to create interest in the manufacturing pathway through successful partnerships. Three schools in Northern Colorado, (Thompson Valley HS, Career Development Center and Poudre HS), received MPI grants. The Northern Colorado (NoCO) Manufacturing school partners used the funding for communications outreach events, expos, and a longer term talent skills dive. The funding produced a very thoughtful report of skill gaps and talent building recommendations for the top five manufacturing occupations in the region.

CASB, CASE and CDE have each invited us to tour the state to meet their constituents beginning in 2016. We will be done with the manufacturing pathway construction in each region for production career paths, quality assurance paths, logistics paths, HVAC and Engineering Design paths. This is an excellent opportunity to get the word out about the pathway work being done in Colorado and its relevance to secondary and post-secondary education.