While CTE on its own cannot solve pervasive equity issues in the United States, it can play a key role in helping to promote equitable access and outcomes for learners by equipping them with the skills, knowledge and experiences needed for lifelong career success. However, the history of inequity in CTE, as covered in Making Good on the Promise: Understanding the Equity Challenge in CTE, may prevent learners and their families from trusting the value and promise of CTE. Through actions internal and external to the state agency, state CTE leaders can take concrete steps to build trust in communities that do not view CTE as a viable mechanism to help them achieve their college and career goals. To build trust, state CTE leaders should:

  1. Acknowledge that inequity is a problem;
  2. Promote a culture that values equity and diversity within the state agency and instructor
  3. workforce;
  4. Commit to transparency and advancing only high-quality CTE programs of study;
  5. Implement strategies to gain buy-in from communities and stakeholders; and
  6. Celebrate, lift up and replicate successful programs of study and practices.

The first step to building trust in communities is to acknowledge the history of CTE and the equity gaps that exist within CTE. As discussed in the first brief in this series, state leaders need to acknowledge CTE’s legacy and understand the equity gaps that exist in their state if they want to begin to address inequities.

Read more from the latest report from Advance CTE’s Making Good on the Promise: Building Trust to Promote Equity in CTE report, the third brief in Advance CTE’s Making Good on the Promise series. The brief maps out steps state leaders can take to rebuild trust in marginalized communities that CTE historically failed to serve equitably.

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Equity Action Guide

Link: www.colorado.gov/pacific/cdphe/equity-action-guide
The Office of Health Equity, in partnership with community organizations and other state