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Program Approval, pdf (download)
Program Approval, MS doc (download)

INSTRUCTIONS : Please save the PDF to your computer, complete the form and submit via email to Kaylee Fabela, CTE Program Assistant, at kaylee.fabela@cccs.edu. For questions regarding program content and course descriptions, please contact the appropriate program director: CTE Directory

If you are choosing to use the Word Doc version of this form, please note the following:

  • Ensure that all info is correct (use the pdf to access the list of CIPs)
  • Do not alter any existing language on the form, or the form itself.
    • An exception to this is if you need to add more course descriptions – you may duplicate the second page to do this. Please do not change any language or format on the form itself.
  • The District Level Contact provided on the form is the main contact we will use to send correspondence; they will be the recipient of the approval message.

PLEASE NOTE : A Revision or a Renewal of an existing program approval must maintain the original CIP/Program name. If a change to the CIP is required, a “New Program” must be selected and a note to close the old program needs to be indicated. If you are submitting a Revision or Renewal, please make sure your institution’s contacts are up-to-date on the form as well.

Contact for all technical assistance, programming and teaching supports

Lauren Jones Austin, MA, NCC
Middle School CTE Program Coordinator
AMLE Western Region Trustee, website : www.amle.org
Phone: 720-858-2825
Email: lauren.jones@cccs.edu

Middle School CTE
c/o Colorado Community College System
9101 E Lowry Blvd
Denver, CO 80230