FORM : Middle School Program Approval (download)

INSTRUCTIONS : Please save the PDF to your computer, complete the form and submit via email to Kaylee Fabela, CTE Program Assistant, at For questions regarding program content and course descriptions, please contact the appropriate program director: CTE Directory

PLEASE NOTE : A Revision or a Renewal of an existing program approval must maintain the original CIP/Program name. If a change to the CIP is required, a “New Program” must be selected and a note to close the old program needs to be indicated. If you are submitting a Revision or Renewal, please make sure your institution’s contacts are up-to-date on the form as well.

Contact for all technical assistance, programming and teaching supports

Lauren Jones Austin, MA, NCC
Middle School CTE Program Coordinator
AMLE Western Region Trustee, website :
Phone: 720-858-2825

Middle School CTE
c/o Colorado Community College System
9101 E Lowry Blvd
Denver, CO 80230