New and revised middle school program approvals for the 19/20 school year were due as of April 15, 2020.

For further assistance, contact cte@cccs.edu.

For questions regarding program content and course descriptions, please contact the appropriate program director: CTE Directory


  • 998005 ACE (Alternate Cooperative Education)
  • 019999 Agricultural Education
  • 090702 Audio/Video Technology & Communications
  • 520000 Business and Marketing
  • 998200 Combined Exploratory
  • 190101 Family and Consumer Sciences
  • 519999 Health Science
  • 110101 Information Technology
  • 439999 Law Enforcement
  • 320107 Skilled Trades and Technical Sciences
  • 150000 STEM


Middle School CTE Guidance Handbook – an addendum to the Administrators’ Handbook.

Middle School Program Approval FAQ

Recommended Middle School Courses

National State Repository for MS CTE Delivery

Middle School CTE Competencies (CTECS)

Middle School ICAP Quality Indicators and Elements (PDF)

Middle School Career Conversation Prompts

PWR/Essential Skills

Developmentally Appropriate CTE Content Area Scope & Sequences for Courses

Quality Program Guiding Questions (ponder prior to Program Approval submission)

  • Are CTE courses or experiences structured in such a way that each student has access — or do students have to make choices between CTE and other experiences?
  • Are there efforts to identify and eliminate barriers to participation and success in CTE courses or experiences for marginalized or special populations of students?
  • Is enough time and space dedicated to middle grades CTE experiences to enable experiential or hands-on learning both within and outside the school day?
  • Is enough time dedicated to middle grades CTE experiences to provide the necessary depth and breadth of content and deliver on student outcomes?
  • How are experiences/courses sequenced from early education into the middle grades and then into high school as part of a broader continuum?
  • Is information about course options and scheduling choices communicated clearly to students and their families?

Cited: https://ctepolicywatch.acteonline.org/2020/05/middle-grades-cte-courseactivity-structure-and-scheduling.html

CONTACT for all technical assistance, programming and teaching supports

Lauren Jones Austin, MA, NCC
Middle School CTE Program Coordinator
AMLE Western Region Trustee, website : www.amle.org
Phone: 720-858-2825
Email: lauren.jones@cccs.edu

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