Introduction to Health Science

Course Description: Introduction to Health Science is a foundational course for all Health Science Programs of Study. This course encourages awareness of career possibilities in healthcare and informs students of educational opportunities available in health science programs. Instruction also includes beginning anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, employability skills, communication skills, customer service skills, cultural awareness, disease and disorders with a focus on homeostatic imbalances, and technology skills necessary in the healthcare industry.

Introduction to Health Science : Standards

Basic Anatomy and Physiology

Course Description: Focuses on basic knowledge of body structures and function, and provides a foundation for understanding deviations from normal and disease conditions. This course is designed for individuals interested in health care and is directly applicable to the Practical Nursing Program, Paramedic Program and the Medical Office Technology program.

Basic Anatomy and Physiology : Standards

Nurse Aide

Course Description: This course is designed to meet the terminal competency requirements of the Colorado State Board of Nursing by preparing students with knowledge and skills necessary to perform patient and/or resident care in the role of a nurse aide.

Nurse Aide : Standards


Course Description: Introduction to Biotechnology introduces students to the fundamental scientific principles of biotechnology, bioethics, the variety of careers in biosciences, as well as the commercial and regulatory characteristics of biotechnology. The course emphasizes how key concepts from biology and chemistry apply to modern applications within the field of biotechnology.

Biotechnology : Standards

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