Signed into law in May 2008, Senate Bill 08-212, also known as “Colorado’s Achievement Plan for Kids” or CAP4K, is a landmark education reform initiative that creates for the first time in Colorado a truly aligned preschool to postsecondary educational system. With the purpose to improve Colorado’s public education through alignment of preschool through postsecondary expectations, CAP4K will establish new standards and new assessments that enable all students to graduate high school with the skills and the knowledge to succeed in today’s 21st century, ultra-competitive global economy.

CAP4K called for all Career and Technical program areas to update and revise current curriculum standards. Through this process, the updated comprehensive occupational standards and competencies by CTE content area (Ag & Energy, Business & Marketing, Family and Consumer Sciences, Health, STEM, etc.) have been aligned and verified with the new Colorado model content standards in Math, Science and Language Arts. Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) standards have been updated and aligned for the following curriculum areas :


Career Pathways
Child and Adolescent Development
Culinary Nutrition
Education Exploration
Life Management
Nutrition and Wellness
Teen Choices

FACS Occupational

Culinary Arts/Food Production
Fashion Design
Food Science
Interior Design
World of Work

Colorado CTE Standards website :

CTE Standards website instructions : FACS CTE Standards Website Step by Step

CDE Colorado Academic Standards : website