This sport/event marketing course develops student understanding of the sport / event industries, their impact on local communities, and products; distribution systems and strategies; pricing considerations; marketing – information management; selling; product/service management, and promotion. Students acquire an understanding and appreciation of the need for planning. Throughout the course, students are presented problem – solving situations for which they must apply academic and critical – thinking skills.

INSTRUCTIONAL AREA: Customer Relations
Handle difficult customers (CR:009, CR LAP 3) (CS)
Handle customer/client complaints (CR:010) (CS)
Explain the nature of sport marketing (MK:012, BA LAP 8) (CS)
Describe the nature of event marketing (MK:007) (CS)
Schedule tournaments (OP:142) (SP)
Develop production schedules for events (OP:102) (SP)
Develop project plan (OP:001, QS LAP 28) (SP)
» MANC.10.05.c, MKTC.17.05.c
INSTRUCTIONAL AREA: Professional Development
Discuss the nature of the sport/event industries (PD:115) (CS)
Describe the impact of sports/events on communities (PD:107) (CS)
Explain career opportunities in sport/event marketing (PD:051, PD LAP 6) (CS)
INSTRUCTIONAL AREA: Marketing-Information Management
Explain the need for sport/event marketing information (IM:245) (SP)
Explain sources of secondary sport/event information (IM:246) (SP)
Explain sources of primary sport/event market information (IM:249) (SP)
Search the Internet for sport/event marketing information (IM:247) (SP)
Monitor internal records for marketing information (IM:186) (SP)
Maintain a database of competitor information (IM:248) (SP)
Describe the nature of target marketing in sport/event marketing (MP:037) (SP)
Identify ways to segment sport/event markets (MP:038) (SP)
Identify factors affecting pricing of sport/event products (lead time, market demand, market
segmentation, smoothing, responding to competitors) (PI:047, PI LAP 7) (SP)
Describe pricing issues associated with sport/event products (cost, value, objectives) (PI:048) (SP)
INSTRUCTIONAL AREA: Product/Service Management
Explain elements of the sport/event product (PM:079, PM LAP 15) (CS)
Explain the nature of sport/event brand/branding (PM:141) (SP)
Explain the use of licensing in sport/event marketing (PM:139, PM LAP 12) (SP)
Explain the role of endorsements in sport/event marketing (PM:140, PM LAP 13) (SP)
Explain the use of naming rights in sport/event marketing (PM:142) (SP)
Identify elements that enhance venue attractiveness (facility—accessibility, trade area/drawing radius, parking; surrounding area—design/layout, amenities, personnel, sense of security) (PM:144) (SP)
Explain advertising media used in the sport/event industries (PR:177) (SP)
Explain the components of advertisements (PR:014) (SP)
» MKTC.28.03.a
Discuss types of direct mail tactics (PR:301) (SP)
Explain the nature of online advertising (e.g., advergaming, virtual worlds, display ads, banner ads, popup ads, pay-per-click ads, etc.) (PR:164) (SP)
» MKCO.14.05.a
Explain the nature of e-mail marketing tactics (PR:165) (SP)
» MKCO.14.05.b
Describe mobile marketing tactics (PR:276) (SP)
» MKCO.14.05.c
Discuss the use of search-engine optimization tactics for digital marketing (PR:299) (SP)
» MKCO.14.05.d
Describe sport/event industries’ utilization of digital media (PR:240) (SP)
Write direct-mail letters (PR:122) (SP)
Write e-mail marketing copy (PR:362) (SP)
Execute targeted emails (PR:166) (SP)
Write content for use on the website (PR:163) (SP)
Develop a direct-mail offer for sport/event products (PR:179) (SP)
Determine advertising reach of sport/event media (PR:180) (SP)
Calculate media costs (PR:009) (SP)
» MKCO.14.10.c
Select advertising media (PR:010) (SP)
» MKCO.14.10.d
Choose appropriate media vehicles for sport/event (PR:181) (SP)
Buy ad space/time (PR:104) (SP)
» MKCO.14.10.i
Write a press release (PR:057) (SP)
» MKCO.14.14.a
Develop and generate sport/event newsletter (PR:182) (SP)
Explain media relations in the sport/event industries (PR:183) (SP)
Develop a media guide (PR:184) (SP)
Cultivate media relationship (PR:185) (SP)
» MKCO.14.14.e
Plan a media day (PR:186) (SP)
Explain the nature of sponsorship in the sport/event industries (PR:175, PR LAP 17) (SP)
Identify “out-of-the-box” sales promotion ideas for sports/events (PR:187, PR LAP 18) (SP)
Implement ticket sales campaign (Internet, contests/giveaways, pre-promotion of campaign, video scoreboard announcements, sports/sponsorship partnerships) (PR:188) (SP)
Explain venue signage (PR:189) (SP)
Select event signage (PR:190) (SP)
Design program for event (PR:142) (SP)
Create and issue script for game-day promotions (PR:191) (SP)
Maximize/Capitalize on celebrity’s appearance at event (PR:192) (SP)
Design logo for sport/event (PR:193) (SP)
Design tickets (PR:194) (SP)
Determine sport/event features and benefits (SE:188) (SP)
Describe factors that motivate people to participate in/attend sports/events (SE:209) (SP)
Identify sales methodologies used in sport/event marketing (SE:315) (SP)
Prepare sales presentation (SE:067) (SP)
» MKPS.03.03.g
Establish relationships with sport/event clients/customer/fans (SE:316) (SP)
Sell tickets (ticket plans, new season, etc.) (SE:317) (SP)
Sell advertising space in printed and electronic materials (e.g., program, yearbook, media guide, fan guide, team photo cards, etc.) (SE:318) (SP)
Process telephone orders (SE:461) (CS)
» MKPS.03.05.c

» = Colorado standard