LEADERSHIP develops student understanding and skills in the areas of communication skills and emotional intelligence. Through this course, students acquire an appreciation for the need for self-awareness, teamwork, and leadership skills. By developing these skills and habits early, students are likely to experience greater success in subsequent academic and career courses, as well as perform better in their CTSO and professional lives.

INSTRUCTIONAL AREA: Communication Skills
Identify sources that provide relevant, valid written material (CO:054) (PQ)
» MKTC.05.01.a
Extract relevant information from written materials (CO:055) (PQ)
» MKTC.05.01.b
Apply written directions to achieve tasks (CO:056) (PQ)
» MKTC.05.01.c
Follow directions (CO:119, QS LAP 24) (PQ)
» MKTC.05.02.b
Demonstrate active listening skills (CO:017, QS LAP 1) (PQ)
» MKTC.05.02.c
Explain the nature of effective verbal communications (CO:147) (PQ)
» MKTC.05.03.a
Ask relevant questions (CO:058) (PQ)
» MKTC.05.03.b
Interpret others’ nonverbal cues (CO:059) (PQ)
» MKTC.29.03.b
Provide legitimate responses to inquiries (CO:060) (PQ)
» MKTC.05.03.d
Give verbal directions (CO:083) (PQ)
» MKTC.05.03.e
Make oral presentations (CO:025, QS LAP 9) (SP)
» MKTC.05.03.j
INSTRUCTIONAL AREA: Emotional Intelligence
Describe the nature of emotional intelligence (EI:001; QS LAP 14, EI LAP 6) (PQ)
» MANC.09.01.a
Explain the concept of self-esteem (EI:016) (PQ)
» MANC.09.01.b
Assess personal strengths and weaknesses (EI:002; QS LAP 16, EI LAP 17) (PQ)
» MANC.09.01.d, MKTC.16.01.d
Recognize personal biases and stereotypes (EI:017) (PQ)
» MANC.09.01.c, MKTC.16.01.c
Identify desirable personality traits important to business (EI:018, EI LAP 9) (PQ)
» MANC.09.02.a, MKTC.16.03.a
Exhibit self-confidence (EI:023) (PQ)
» MANC.09.02.c, MKTC.16.03.c
Demonstrate interest and enthusiasm (EI:020) (PQ)
» MANC.09.02.d, MKTC.16.03.d
Demonstrate initiative (EI:024, EI LAP 2) (PQ)
» MANC.09.02.e, MKTC.16.03.e
Demonstrate responsible behavior (EI:021, PD LAP 7) (PQ)
» FINC.13.02.b, MANC.08.02.b
Demonstrate honesty and integrity (EI:022) (PQ)
» FINC.13.02.c, MANC.08.02.c
Demonstrate ethical work habits (EI:004; QS LAP 8, EI LAP 4) (PQ)
» FINC.13.02.d, MANC.08.02.d, MKTC.15.02.d
Exhibit positive attitude (EI:019, EI LAP 3) (PQ)
» MANC.09.02.b, MKTC.16.03.b
Demonstrate self-control (EI:025, EI LAP 14) (PQ)
Explain the use of feedback for personal growth (EI:003; QS LAP 20, EI LAP 15) (PQ)
» MANC.09.02.d, MKTC.16.03.d
Adjust to change (EI:026) (PQ)
Respect the privacy of others (EI:029) (PQ)
» FINC.13.01.a, MANC.08.01.a, MKTC.15.01.a
Show empathy for others (EI:030, EI LAP 12) (PQ)
Exhibit cultural sensitivity (EI:033, EI LAP 11) (CS)
Explain the nature of effective communications (EI:007, QS LAP 25) (PQ)
» MKTC.05.07.a
Use appropriate assertiveness (EI:008; QS LAP 4, EI LAP 18) (PQ)
Use conflict-resolution skills (EI:015; QS LAP 12, EI LAP 7) (CS)
Participate as a team member (EI:045) (CS)
Explain the concept of leadership (EI:009; QS LAP 27, EI LAP 16) (CS)
Determine personal vision (EI:063, QS LAP 11) (CS)
Demonstrate adaptability (EI:006, QS LAP 15) (CS)
Develop an achievement orientation (EI:027, EI LAP 10) (CS)
Lead change (EI:005, QS LAP 23) (CS)
Enlist others in working toward a shared vision (EI:060, EI LAP 13) (CS)
Coach others (EI:041, QS LAP 7) (CS)
Treat others fairly at work (EI:036) (PQ)
» FINC.13.03.a, MANC.08.03.a, MKTC.15.03.a
Foster positive working relationships (EI:037, EI LAP 5) (CS)
» MANC.09.02.f, MKTC.16.03.f

» = Colorado standard