Business and Marketing Essentials is an introductory course that develops student understanding and skills in such areas as business law, communication skills, customer relations, economics, emotional intelligence, financial analysis, human resources management, information management, marketing, operations, professional development, and strategic management. Students acquire knowledge of fundamental business activities and factors affecting business, develop verbal and written communication skills, use information literacy skills, utilize job-seeking strategies, and participate in career planning.

Instructional Area: Business Law
Explain types of business ownership (BL:003, BA LAP 7) (CS)
» FINC.13.08.a, MANC.08.08.a, MKTC.15.08.a
Instructional Area: Communication Skills
Employ communication styles appropriate to target audience (CO:084) (CS)
» MKTC.05.03.f
Defend ideas objectively (CO:061) (CS)
» MKTC.05.03.g
Handle telephone calls in a businesslike manner (CO:114) (CS)
» MKTC.05.03.h
Participate in group discussions (CO:053, QS LAP 29) (CS)
» MKTC.05.03.i
Utilize note-taking strategies (CO:085) (CS)
» MKTC.05.04.a
Organize information (CO:086) (CS)
» MKTC.05.04.b
Select and use appropriate graphic aids (CO:087) (CS)
» MKTC.05.04.c
Explain the nature of effective written communications (CO:016) (CS)
» MKTC.05.05.a
Select and utilize appropriate formats for professional writing (CO:088) (CS)
» MKTC.05.05.b
Edit and revise written work consistent with professional standards (CO:089) (CS)
» MKTC.05.05.c
Write professional e-mails (CO:090) (CS)
» MKTC.05.05.d
Instructional Area: Customer Relations
Explain the nature of positive customer relations (CR:003, CR LAP 1) (CS)
» FINC.10.01.a, MKTC.12.01.a
Instructional Area: Economics
Distinguish between economic goods and services (EC:002, EC LAP 10) (CS)
» FINC.02.01.a, MANC.02.01.a, MKTC.02.01.a
Explain the concept of economic resources (EC:003, EC LAP 14) (CS)
» FINC.02.01.b, MANC.02.01.b, MKTC.02.01.b
Describe the concepts of economics and economic activities (EC:001, EC LAP 6)(CS)
» FINC.02.01.c, MANC.02.01.c, MKTC.02.01.c
Determine economic utilities created by business and marketing activities (EC:004,EC LAP 13) (CS)
» FINC.02.01.d, MANC.02.01.d, MKTC.02.01.d
Explain the principles of supply and demand (EC:005, EC LAP 11) (CS)
» FINC.02.01.e, MANC.02.01.e, MKTC.02.01.e
Describe the functions of prices in markets (EC:006, EC LAP 12) (CS)
» FINC.02.01.f, MANC.02.01.f, MKTC.02.01.f
Explain the types of economic systems (EC:007, EC LAP 17) (CS)
» FINC.02.03.a, MANC.02.03.a, MKTC.02.03.a
Explain the concept of private enterprise (EC:009, EC LAP 15) (CS)
» FINC.02.03.b, MANC.02.03.b, MKTC.02.03.b
Identify factors affecting a business’s profit (EC:010, EC LAP 2) (CS)
» FINC.02.03.c, MANC.02.03.c, MKTC.02.03.c
Determine factors affecting business risk (EC:011, EC LAP 3) (CS)
» FINC.02.03.d, MANC.02.03.d, MKTC.02.03.d
Explain the concept of competition (EC:012, EC LAP 8) (CS)
» FINC.02.03.e, MANC.02.03.e, MKTC.02.03.e
Explain the role of business in society (EC:070, EC LAP 20) (CS)
» FINC.02.02.a, MANC.02.02.a, MKTC.02.02.a
Describe types of business activities (EC:071, EC LAP 19) (CS)
» FINC.02.02.b, MANC.02.02.b, MKTC.02.02.b
Explain the organizational design of businesses (EC:103) (SP)
» FINC.02.02.c, MANC.02.02.c, MKTC.02.02.c
Discuss the global environment in which businesses operate (EC:104) (SP)
» FINC.02.02.d, MANC.02.02.d, MKTC.02.02.d
Describe factors that affect the business environment (EC:105) (SP)
» FINC.02.02.e, MANC.02.02.e, MKTC.02.02.e
Explain the nature of business ethics (EC:106, EC LAP 21) (SP)
» FINC.13.02.a, MANC.08.02.a, MKTC.15.02.a
Explain how organizations adapt to today’s markets (EC:107) (SP)
» FINC.02.02.f, MANC.02.02.f, MKTC.02.02.f
Determine the relationship between government and business (EC:008, EC LAP 16) (CS)
» FINC.02.04.a, MANC.02.04.a, MKTC.02.04.a
Explain the concept of productivity (EC:013, EC LAP 18) (CS)
» FINC. 02.05.a, MANC.02.05.a, MKTC.02.05.a
Instructional Area: Financial Analysis
Explain the concept of accounting (FI:085, FI LAP 5) (CS)
» FINC.06.01.a, MANC.04.01.a, MKTC.08.01.a
Explain the role of finance in business (FI:354, FI LAP 7) (CS)
» FINC.07.01.a, MANC.05.01.a, MKTC.09.01.a
Instructional Area: Human Resources Management
Discuss the nature of human resources management (HR:410, HR LAP 35) (CS)
» FINC.08.01.a, MANC.06.01.a, MKTC.10.01.a
Instructional Area: Information Management
Assess information needs (NF:077) (CS)
» MANC.10.01.a, MKTC.17.01.a
Obtain needed information efficiently (NF:078) (CS)
» MANC.10.01.b, MKTC.17.01.b
Evaluate quality and source of information (NF:079) (CS)
» MANC.10.01.c, MKTC.17.01.c
Apply information to accomplish a task (NF:080) (CS)
» MANC.10.01.d, MKTC.17.01.d
Store information for future use (NF:081) (CS)
» MANC.10.01.e, MKTC.17.01.e
Discuss the nature of information management (NF:110, NF LAP 3) (CS)
» MANC.10.02.a, MKTC.17.02.a
Identify ways that technology impacts business (NF:003) (PQ)
» MKTC.06.01.a
Explain the role of information systems (NF:083) (PQ)
» MKTC.06.01.b
Discuss principles of computer systems (NF:084) (PQ)
» MKTC.06.01.c
Describe the scope of the Internet (NF:086) (PQ)
» MKTC.06.01.e
Demonstrate basic e-mail functions (NF:004) (PQ)
» MKTC.06.01.f
Demonstrate personal information management/productivity applications (NF:005)(PQ)
» MKTC.06.01.g
Demonstrate basic web-search skills (NF:006) (PQ)
» MKTC.06.01.h
Demonstrate basic word processing skills (NF:007) (PQ)
» MKTC.06.01.i
Demonstrate basic presentation applications (NF:008) (PQ)
» MKTC.06.01.j
Demonstrate basic spreadsheet applications (NF:010 (PQ)
» MKTC.06.01.l
Demonstrate basic database applications (NF:009) (PQ)
» MKTC.06.01.k
Instructional Area: Marketing
Explain marketing and its importance in a global economy (MK:001, BA LAP 11) (CS)
» FINC.09.01.a, MKTC.11.01.a
Instructional Area: Operations
Explain the nature of operations (OP:189, OP LAP 3) (CS)
» FINC.11.01.a, MKTC.13.01.a
Describe health and safety regulations in business (OP:004) (PQ)
» FINC.12.01.a, MANC.07.01.a, MKTC.14.01.a
Report noncompliance with business health and safety regulations (OP:005) (PQ)
» FINC.12.01.b, MANC.07.01.b, MKTC.14.01.b
Follow instructions for use of equipment, tools, and machinery (OP:006) (PQ)
» FINC.12.02.a, MANC.07.02.a, MKTC.14.02.a
Follow safety precautions (OP:007) (PQ)
» FINC.12.02.b, MANC.07.02.b, MKTC.14.02.b
Maintain a safe work environment (OP:008) (CS)
» FINC.12.02.c, MANC.07.02.c, MKTC.14.02.c
Explain procedures for handling accidents (OP:009) (CS)
» FINC.12.02.d, MANC.07.02.d, MKTC.14.02.d
Handle and report emergency situations (OP:010) (CS)
» FINC.12.02.e, MANC.07.02.e, MKTC.14.02.e
Explain routine security precautions (OP:013) (CS)
» FINC.12.04.a, MANC.07.04.a, MKTC.14.04.a
Follow established security procedures/policies (OP:152) (CS)
» FINC.12.04.b, MANC.07.04.b, MKTC.14.04.b
Protect company information and intangibles (OP:153) (CS)
» FINC.12.04.c, MANC.07.04.c, MKTC.14.04.c
Explain the nature and scope of purchasing (OP:015, OP LAP 2) (CS)
» FINC.11.02.a, MKTC.13.02.a
Place orders/reorders (OP:016) (CS)
» FINC.11.02.b, MKTC.13.02.b
Maintain inventory of supplies (OP:031) (CS)
» FINC.11.02.c, MKTC.13.02.c
Explain the concept of production (OP:017, BA LAP 1) (CS)
» FINC.11.03.a, MKTC.13.03.a
Instructional Area: Professional Development
Set personal goals (PD:018; QS LAP 22, PD LAP 16) (CS)
» MKTC.16.02.c
Explain the need for innovation skills (PD:126) (CS)
Make decisions (PD:017; QS LAP 2, PD LAP 10) (CS)
Demonstrate problem-solving skills (PD:077; QS LAP 26, IS LAP 2) (CS)
Assess personal interests and skills needed for success in business and marketing
(PD:013) (PQ)
» MANC.09.03.a, MKTC.16.04.a
Analyze employer expectations in the business environment (PD:020) (PQ)
» MANC.09.03.b, MKTC.16.04.b
Explain the rights of workers (PD:021) (PQ)
» MANC.09.03.c, MKTC.16.04.c
Identify sources of career information (PD:022) (CS)
» MANC.09.03.d, MKTC.16.04.d
Identify tentative occupational interest (PD:023) (CS)
» MANC.09.03.e, MKTC.16.04.e
Explain employment opportunities in business (PD:025, PD LAP 15) (CS)
» MANC.09.03.f, , MKTC.16.04.f
Utilize job-search strategies (PD:026) (PQ)
» MANC.09.04.a, MKTC.16.05.a
Complete a job application (PD:027) (PQ)
» MANC.09.04.b, MKTC.16.05.b
Interview for a job (PD:028) (PQ)
» MANC.09.04.c, MKTC.16.05.c
Write a follow-up letter after job interviews (PD:029) (CS)
» MANC.09.04.d, MKTC.16.05.d
Write a letter of application (PD:030) (CS)
» MANC.09.04.e, MKTC.16.05.e
Prepare a résumé (PD:031) (CS)
» MANC.09.04.f, MKTC.16.05.f
Describe techniques for obtaining work experience (e.g., volunteer activities,
internships, etc.) (PD:032) (PQ)
» MANC.09.05.a, MKTC.16.06.a
Explain the need for ongoing education as a worker (PD:033) (PQ)
» MANC.09.05.b, MKTC.16.06.b
Explain possible advancement patterns for jobs (PD:034) (PQ)
» MANC.09.05.c, MKTC.16.06.c
Instructional Area: Strategic Management
Explain the concept of management (SM:001, SM LAP 3) (CS)
» FINC.15.01.a, MANC.12.01.a, MKTC.20.01.a

» = Colorado standard