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The goal of the Personal Finance course is to help students to become financially responsible, conscientious members of society. To that end, this course develops student understanding and skills in such areas as money management, budgeting, financial goal attainment, the wise use of credit, insurance, investments, and consumer rights and responsibilities.

Discuss consumer rights (BL:139) (CS)
Describe consequences associated with decision-making (EC:118) (CS)
Discuss how people react to incentives (EC:119) (CS)
Explain the impact of limited resources on wealth management (EC:120) (CS)
Describe the role of institutions in helping individuals and groups accomplish their goals (EC:121) (CS)
Discuss the impact of inflation on personal finance (SP Participate as a team member (EI:045) (CS)
Explain the concept of leadership (EI:009; QS LAP 27, EI LAP 16) (CS)
Determine personal vision (EI:063, QS LAP 11) (CS)
Demonstrate adaptability (EI:006, QS LAP 15) (CS)
Develop an achievement orientation (EI:027, EI LAP 10) (CS)
Lead change (EI:005, QS LAP 23) (CS)
Enlist others in working toward a shared vision (EI:060, EI LAP 13) (CS)
Coach others (EI:041, QS LAP 7) (CS)
Treat others fairly at work (EI:036) (PQ)
» FINC.13.03.a, MANC.08.03.a, MKTC.15.03.a
INSTRUCTIONAL AREA: Financial Analysis
Explain forms of financial exchange (cash, credit, debit, electronic funds transfer, etc.) (FI:058) (PQ)
» FINC.14.01.a, MANC.11.01.a, MKTC.18.01.a
Identify types of currency (e.g., coins, paper money, banknotes, etc.) (FI:059) (PQ)
» FINC.14.01.b, MANC.11.01.b, MKTC.18.01.b
Describe functions of money (medium of exchange, unit of measure, store of value, incentive) (FI:060) (PQ)
» FINC.14.01.c, MANC.11.01.c, MKTC.18.01.c
Explain the time value of money (FI:062) (CS)
» FINC.14.01.e, MANC.11.01.e, MKTC.18.01.e
Calculate interest (FI:580) (CS)
Explain the purposes and importance of credit (FI:002, FI LAP 2) (CS)
» FINC.14.01.f, MANC.11.01.f, MKTC.18.01.f
Explain legal responsibilities associated with financial exchanges (FI:063) (CS)
» FINC.14.01.g, MANC.11.01.g, MKTC.18.01.g
Explain the need to save and invest (FI:270, QS LAP 30) (CS)
» FINC.14.02.d
Determine personal net worth (FI:562) (CS)
Set financial goals (FI:065, QS LAP 31) (CS)
» FINC.14.02.b, MANC.11.02.b, MKTC.19.01.b
Develop personal budget (FI:066) (CS)
» FINC.14.02.c, MANC.11.02.c, MKTC.19.01.c
Describe sources of income (wages/salaries, interest, rent, dividends, transfer payments, gift funds, inheritances, etc.) (FI:061) (PQ)
» FINC.14.01.d, MANC.11.01.d, MKTC.18.01.d
Discuss types of loans (e.g., mortgages, auto loans, etc.) (FI:563) (CS)
Complete loan applications (FI:625) (SP)
Explain the nature of tax liabilities (FI:067) (PQ)
» FINC.14.03.a, MANC.11.03.a, MKTC.19.02.a
Interpret a pay stub (FI:068) (PQ)
Prepare bank account documents (e.g., checks, deposit/withdrawal slips, endorsements, etc.) (FI:560) (PQ)
Maintain financial records (FI:069) (PQ)
» FINC.14.03.d, MANC.11.03.d, MKTC.19.02.d
Read and reconcile bank statements (FI:070) (PQ)
» FINC.14.03.c, MANC.11.03.c, MKTC.19.02.c
Pay bills (FI:565) (PQ)
Manage online accounts (FI:626) (CS)
Contest incorrect bills (FI:566) (CS)
Explain the nature of charitable giving (FI:567) (PQ)
Demonstrate the wise use of credit (FI:071) (CS)
» FINC.14.03.e, MANC.11.03.e, MKTC.19.02.e
Validate credit history (FI:072) (CS)
» FINC.14.03.f, MANC.11.03.f, MKTC.19.02.f
Protect against identity theft (FI:073) (CS)
» FINC.14.03.g, MANC.11.03.g, MKTC.19.02.g
Control debt (FI:568) (CS)
Prepare personal income tax forms (FI:074) (CS)
» FINC.14.03.h, MANC.11.03.h, MKTC.19.02.h
Determine how to pay for education (FI:627) (SP
Describe types of financial services providers (FI:075) (CS)
» FINC.14.04.a, MANC.11.04.a, MKTC.19.03.a
Discuss considerations in selecting a financial-services provider (FI:076) (CS)
» FINC.14.04.b, MANC.11.04.b, MKTC.19.03.b
Explain types of investments (FI:077, QS LAP 32) (CS)
» FINC.14.05.a, MANC.11.05.a, MKTC.19.04.a
Discuss the nature of retirement planning (FI:569) (CS)
Explain how to cope with volatile financial markets (FI:570) (SP)
Describe sources of securities information (FI:274, QS LAP 36) (CS)
» FINC.14.11.a
Read / Interpret securities tables (FI:275, QS LAP 37) (SP)
» FINC.14.11.b
Describe the concept of insurance (FI:081) (CS)
» FINC.14.06.a, MANC.11.06.a, MKTC.19.05.a
Determine insurance needs (FI:571) (SP)
Establish a financial safety net (FI:628) (CS)
Explain the nature of estate planning (FI:572) (CS)
INSTRUCTIONAL AREA: Professional Development
Maintain appropriate personal appearance (PD:002, PD LAP 5) (PQ)
» MKTC.16.02.a
Demonstrate systematic behavior (PD:009) (PQ)
» MKTC.16.02.b
Set personal goals (PD:018; PD LAP 16, QS LAP 22) (CS)
» MKTC.16.02.c
Make responsible financial decisions (PD:271) (CS)
Complete on-boarding paperwork (PD:269) (PQ)
Explain the nature of bonds (SE:428, QS LAP 33) (SP)
» FISL.05.01.h
Explain the nature of stocks (SE:421, QS LAP 34) (SP)
» FISL.05.01.a
Describe the nature of mutual funds (SE:429, QS LAP 35) (SP)
» FISL.05.01.i

» = Colorado standard