Secondary CTE ACE Endorsement

Begin here for CDE Endorsement Procedures:

Review and ensure you fit these requirements:

Take advantage of the CSU Graduate Level Credit offered annually:

Credentialing Certificate Protocol: Due to the nature of ACE CTE being focused around general work & life readiness, the system office will supply certificates for applicants who share how many hours they have had in the three (3) RELATED content coursework areas listed on the course matrix on the ACE CTE Endorsement Worksheet. These courses include the following:

  • Developing work-based learning experiences with business/industry partners
  • Assessment and evaluation for career planning and career development
  • Postsecondary career/ college planning for students (transition, individual career and academic planning processes)

To do this, teachers will communicate to their CTE Director or CTE lead how many hours they have in each area (paying close attending to the minimum of 15 needed), include their full legal name for licensing purposes and the system office will then send back an official certificate that CDE will accept. CTE Directors/Leads, please email these hours to (no evidence is necessary, we will trust the hours you supply).

We assume that Differentiated Instruction (also a required course) will show up on the applicants transcript or in another fashion. Our office (CCCS) will not supply this particular certificate.

Also, every CTE applicant will have to take CTE in Colorado (see homepage for the online module option and the summer conference option).

AND see the WBL course opportunity below for beneficial WBL hours as an option too.

Applicants document their “40 hour intern/externship” requirement by using the same form people do in our other credentials to document experience:

Please note: the Work Based Learning content can be completed during any WBL related professional development that you attend locally, statewide or at national events. Keep and document the certificates of attendance/completion. Note the number of contact hours. The annual ACE Teacher Conference, CACTE Conference, ACE/Special Populations Division Day, will all offer this type of programming that can meet this requirement. Officially, Colorado will plan to roll out our own WBL learning module that will fit this requirement beginning in late Spring of 2019.