The Mission of the Colorado State ACE Board shall be: to promote professional leadership development of members to ensure that career and technical education within the education systems of Colorado will meet the continually changing education and training needs of students who meet the guidelines of the Carl D. Perkins definition of special populations.

The objectives of the ACE Board and ACE Division of CACTE shall be to:

  1. Assume and maintain active leadership in the promotion of ACE in CTE at the secondary, post-secondary; and affiliated student organization known as Successful Career Students of Colorado (hereinafter referred to as (SC)2).
  2. Provide an opportunity for the discussion of issues involved in CTE.
  3. To cooperate in the promotion of better working conditions for all ACE Teachers.
  4. Unite industry, business, community resources, and educators for the advancement of ACE.
  5. Maintain a constant vigil over any legislative or policy (not limited to credentialing) proposals at the local, state, and/or national level, which would directly or indirectly affect CTE and develop, support, and promote legislation necessary for implementation and growth of CTE.
  6. Encourage professional involvement in ACE, CACTE, and ACTE.
  7. Make available and promote the use of current and effective educational materials and resources for both experienced and new teachers.
  8. To encourage the maintenance of high professional standards and ethics by all members.

Meetings: ACE Board Meetings are held monthly in a Castle Rock location or virtually.  Email Emily Sherwood,, for the schedule of meetings.

Current Board Members

President, 1 year term

President Elect, 1 year term

Treasurer, 2 year term. Elect on even years

Secretary, 2 year term. Elect on odd years



(SC)2 coordinator

Regional Representative (5)

Requirements for Nominations

  • Member of ACTE / CACTE
  • ACE Credentialed

State ACE Bylaws, SC2 CO ACE CTSO Bylaws 18

State ACE Board Meeting Minutes

For current State ACE Board meeting minutes, contact