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MBA research State’s Connection – purchased by Colorado

Colorado has purchased consortium membership for MBA research State’s Connection this year.

Here is the link to sign up:

State’s connection is a great resource and a place to come for all free materials from MBA research.

MBA Curriculum Builder- create a course using the correct standards. (These are the standards used in our state)

Bookmarks of educational tools and materials- websites containing tutorials, lectures, games, quizzes, and more.

“The Gray Zone”- mini ethical dilemmas from the business world to use as class starters, etc.

Course Guides- 13 different course guides complete with standards, performance indicators, sequencing and projects.

Daniels Fund Free Ethics Laps- There is a link in the state’s connection to get to the website with the free Daniel’s Fund LAPS.

Program of Study Kits- Trying to organize your program, here are some examples.

Dictionary of Business terms

*** Action Briefs- Updated articles on business trends impacting the workplace.

Classroom projects

Course profiles

Posters for your classroom

Performance based rubrics and guide to create your own.


Note: There is a lot of material in the state’s connection. If you need assistance don’t hesitate to contact Dana Anderson at for help.

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New!! Daniel’s Fund Ethics Initiative courses

High School Program

New Leadership ethics course- available to all!

–   Comprehensive leadership course curriculum

–   Free materials available at :

–   Instructor’s discussion guide

–   Supporting ppt

–   Student text

–   Learning activities (group and individual) focused on ethical dilemmas.

New ethics curriculum available in 13 courses


Available to download through the MBA course guide website.