Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Improvement Act of 2006 (Public Law 109-270)
Timeline for Claims, Applications, and Reports

Due dateName of application, claim or reportContact
June 30CCCS begins accepting Perkins Local Plans (due if funds will be obligated in July or August).
July 15CCCS posts Perkins grant award notice, first of two.
August 31 †Deadline for Due: submission of Perkins Prior FY Final Vouchers to CCCSAmy Cromwell
September 30Due: submission of Perkins Local Plans to CCCSVictoria Crownover
October 1CCCS begins distribution of Perkins Award Packets with 2nd Grant Award Notices
CCCS begins accepting signed Perkins Award Packets with 2nd Grant Award Notices
CCCS begins posting of Perkins Voucher 1 to CTE Online accounts
CCCS begins accepting Perkins Voucher 1
December 31Submittal of Perkins Voucher 1 to request reimbursement for Quarter 1 expenses paid.Amy Cromwell
January 15CCCS posts Perkins Initial Local Improvement Plans to Recipients’ Local Plans if performance metrics deficiencies exist with most recent data.
January 25CCCS posts Perkins Intent to Participate letters to CTE Online accounts.
February 15Due: submission of Perkins Intent to Participate Letters.
May 1Due: submission of Perkins Budget Revisions to CCCSVictoria Crownover
May 15Due: submission of Perkins Voucher 2/3 for recipients with awards of $100,000 or more
June 1Completed Plans of Study for Perkins recipients.Victoria Crownover

† = due date is last business day of the month.