Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Improvement Act of 2006 (Public Law 109-270)
July 1st begins the new fiscal year (FY). June 30th is the close of the fiscal year.

Perkins Webinars and Open Forum Calls – Spring 2020

Perkins Webinars

Date Time Subject Webinar Link Access Code Join by Phone Meeting Password
March 5 9:00-10:00am Perkins Local Plan Revisions March 5 – AM Webinar Link 920 228 315 720-650-7664 Stillgotmoney
March 5 3:00-4:00pm New Competitive Process for Perkins Reserve Grants March 5 – PM Webinar Link 923 547 362 720-650-7664 Competition
April 2 10:00-11:00am Perkins Equipment Tracking and Disposal April 2 – Webinar Link 922 639 294 720-650-7664 Perkins

Perkins – Open Forum Calls

Date Time WebEx Link Access Code Meeting Password Join by Phone
February 10 9:00am Feb 10 – WebEx 926 174 127 Perkins 720-650-7664
March 6 9:00am March 6 – WebEx 927 067 638 Perkins 720-650-7664
April 2 9:00am April 2 – WebEx 925 345 684 Perkins 720-650-7664
May 7 3:00pm May 7 – WebEx 926 089 572 Perkins 720-650-7664
June 1 9:00am June 1 – WebEx 924 357 534 Perkins 720-650-7664

CTA Dates

September 1Deadline for submission of CTA prior FY final financials due.Jacqui Geiselman
December 31 (approx)CTA 1st and 2nd Quarter payments distributed.Jacqui Geiselman
March 31CTA 3rd Quarter payments distributed.Jacqui Geiselman
April - MayCTA training workshops begin.Jacqui Geiselman
June 30CTA 4th Quarter payments distributed.Jacqui Geiselman

Data Dates

March 31Deadline for submission of Student Follow-up data to CCCS.Lauren Victor, PhD
July 31Deadline for submission of secondary CTE student enrollment data to CCCS.
(Excludes postsecondary data from System Colleges, Aims, CMC, WCCC, PTC, TCR, EGTC, and DOC).
Lauren Victor, PhD
July 31Deadline for Active Teachers data to CCCS.Lauren Victor, PhD
August 31Deadline for postsecondary CTE enrollment from Aims, CMC, WCCC, PTC, TCR, EGTC, and DOCLauren Victor, PhD

Perkins Dates

June-JulyCCCS posts 1st Perkins Grant Award Notice (First Installment).Victoria Crownover
August, last business dayDeadline for submission of Perkins Prior FY Final Vouchers to CCCS.Amy Cromwell
August, last business dayDeadline for postsecondary recipients to submit their Indirect Cost Rate to CCCS.Victoria Crownover
September 30Deadline for submission of Perkins Local Plans to CCCS.Victoria Crownover
October 1CCCS begins distribution of Perkins Award Packets with 2nd Grant Award Notices.Victoria Crownover
October 1CCCS begins accepting signed Perkins Award Packets with 2nd Grant Award Notices.Victoria Crownover
October 1CCCS begins posting of Perkins Voucher 1 to CTE Online accounts.Victoria Crownover
October 1CCCS begins accepting Perkins Voucher 1 (expenses July 1- September 30).Amy Cromwell
January 15Voucher 1 due for ALL Perkins recipients.Amy Cromwell
January 15 (approx)CCCS posts Perkins Initial Local Improvement Plans to Recipients’ Local Plans if Performance Metrics deficiencies exist with most recent data.Victoria Crownover
January 25 (approx)CCCS posts Perkins Intent to Participate letters to CTE Online Accounts.Victoria Crownover
February 15 (approx)Deadline for submission of Perkins Intent to Participate Letters
(4 weeks after posted) to CCCS.
Victoria Crownover
April 1Deadline for submission of Perkins Budget Revisions to CCCS.Victoria Crownover
May 15Deadline for submission of Perkins Voucher 2/3 for recipients with awards of $100,000 or more for expenses through at least March 31.Amy Cromwell
June 30CCCS begins accepting Perkins Local Plans (due if obligating funds in July or August).

Final Performance Metric Reports with disaggregated and program level data available.

All tangible items purchased with Perkins funds must be received.
Victoria Crownover
June 30End of Perkins grant period.Victoria Crownover