Perkins Forms and Files

///Perkins Forms and Files
Perkins Forms and Files

Local Plans

Local & Regional Needs Assessment 


Needs Assessment Worksheets -Needs assessment worksheets to be completed at the local and regional levels. Due to Perkins Plan Manager by December 1, 2019.

Needs Assessment Handbook – Handbook that provides recommendations, steps, and strategies for how to approach your needs assessment process.

Needs Assessment Resource Guide – A collection of resources that may be useful as you go through the needs assessment process.

Regional Needs Assessment Meeting Dates

  • Region 1 – October 9 (tentative) in Sterling
  • Region 2 – October 17 in Greeley
  • Region 3 – TBD
  • Region 4 – October 29 in Colorado Springs
  • Region 5 – September 25 in Limon
  • Region 6 – TBD
  • Region 7 – October 3 (tentative) in Pueblo
  • Region 8 – TBD
  • Region 9 – October 8 (tentative) in Durango
  • Region 10 – TBD
  • Region 11 – TBD
  • Region 12 – TBD
  • Region 13 – October 1 (tentative) in TBD
  • Region 14 – TBD


We aren’t personally hosting this webinar, but it will focus on educational institutions cultivating industry partnerships and might provide some insights. It is being offered by Emsi, a labor market analytics company.

Perkins IV Performance Metrics
Perkins performance metrics definitions – The performance metrics used by the federal and state regulators.

…Perkins V Performance Metrics coming soon…

Perkins Program Monitoring


CCCS maintains a single statewide CTE data collection system designed to serve the data reporting needs of CTE program approvals, the Colorado Technical Act, and the Perkins V Act.