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Innovations in CTE Grant

Link for the recording about the Innovations in CTE Grant

  • Password: Innovations21!
  • *Note – nothing has changed except dates, so the recording from FY 22 is still helpful

Perkins Innovation Grants Information Guide

Innovations in CTE Grant Application 2023

Innovations in CTE Grant Budget Template

Link to April 2021 Open Forum recording about current Innovation Projects (hear from a variety of current grant recipients): https://cccs-meetings.webex.com/cccs-meetings/ldr.php?RCID=f86e5c082de04942ac2a3d1947d5fd0d; Password: 1GreatIdea!

Local & Regional Needs Assessment 

Needs Assessment Worksheets 2021 -Needs assessment worksheets to be completed at the local and regional levels. Due to Perkins Plan Manager by December 1, 2021.

Needs Assessment Handbook 2021 – Handbook that provides recommendations, steps, and strategies for how to approach your needs assessment process.

Needs Assessment Resource Guide 2022-23 – A collection of resources that may be useful as you go through the needs assessment process.

District & College Assignments to Colorado Regions

2021 CLNA Supplement Overview

Regional Meeting Intro Power Point Presentation

Regional Needs Assessment Meeting

Recording from the Comprehensive Regional Needs Assessment Kickoff

  • Password: CLNAkickoff2

Link for regions to tell the Colorado CTE Team what resources it is requesting, including facilitator requests of CCCS CTE staff to help lead regional meetings: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=6rEiKgp4PUqxt85fmsRTaBbq_NoW3_JNlasFwHD33LNUN1U3NVVCSTBIVTA4ME5RRkRQNzRFNjhUQy4u.  Please have only one representative from each region submit the responses to this form.

Upcoming GIS Tool Workshops – See the locations of secondary and postsecondary CTE programs by content area, align with business/indsutry demand, and more! At the kickoff, we also discussed an upcoming opportunity to learn about this new tool being presented by the Colorado Workforce Development Council.  Here is an  outline for a deeper dive training on the Work-based learning GIS tool.  This outline proposes a two hour deep dive plus a 90 minute follow-up action planning time.  A more fleshed out curriculum is drafted here as well for your reference. Please see the following registration links to share.

Perkins V Performance Metrics
…Perkins V Performance Metrics coming soon…

Perkins Program Monitoring