The Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education grant is grant funding that is awarded from the U.S. Government to the states and then allocated to various schools within Colorado state based on programs and student population numbers in the Career and Technical Programs.
Federal Law


Who Is Eligible?

All Colorado public Local Education Agencies (LEAs) are eligible under conditions explained in the Administrators’ Handbook.

The funds are awarded to secondary school districts rather than to individual schools. Low population school districts should consider participating with a Perkins consortium which is also explained in this handbook. Additionally, all Colorado public community colleges and Colorado public technical colleges are eligible under conditions explained in the same Administrators’ Handbook.

Colorado Perkins

Because the funds from this Act are grant funds, CCCS requires each Perkins eligible Local Recipient (community college, technical college, school district or school district consortium) to complete and follow an annual CCCS approved Local Plan for the use of Perkins funds. The funds are awarded on a reimbursement basis.