Credentialing : Board Designated Oversight Committee (BDOC)

The role of the Committee, on behalf of the SBCCOE, is to review and update the criteria, occupational experience and renewal requirements for each type of occupational credential.

The mission of the BDOC is: To promote and influence Career and Technical Education pathways by providing CTE students with well qualified instructors possessing appropriate occupational and educational experience and to review and recommend revision to update the criteria and process.


  • Balance the implementation of credentialing.
  • Make recommendations of exceptions. Create a process for accepting alternative criteria and credit for prior learning from credentialing applicants in order to promote recruitment and retention by eliminating barriers.
  • Make recommendations to revise the Rules and Regulations governing credentialing.

Exceptions Requests

To submit an exceptions request you must work with your college credentialing officer or with the CDE. All applications must be processed through these appropriate credentialing bodies before an exception is reviewed by the committee.

Exception Requests for 2022 – Moving Forward

Please send an email to with the request and all supporting documentation.  Upon receipt of the email, we will let you know it has been received and send it to the committee for review.  There will no longer be deadlines, we will review all requests on a case by case basis upon receipt.

Guidelines for reviewing exceptions requests

To make the review an equitable and objective process, the following guidelines are used for each review.


Members are asked to understand the request for each application, compare to the specific requirements, definitions, and descriptions of the credential. Next, the Members will review the exception request. After the Members have completed the review of a particular application, discussion will begin on thoughts, ideas or clarification. After all discussion is resolved, a group recommendation will be made.

This recommendation will be to:

1) accept the exception as written;
2) reject the exception as written; or
3) accept the exception with a modification.

This will be voted on by the present Committee Members with majority ruling

CCCS Follow up

After the Committee Members have made their recommendation, CCCS will review each applicant’s exception packet and accept or reject the members’ recommendation. The decision of CCCS is final. CCCS will contact credentialing officers or CDE to announce results of the exception request.