*Unfortunately, there is no way to apply for or renew a postsecondary credential if you are not working at a postsecondary institution. If you hold a credential and start working at a college again, you can renew a lapsed credential by working with the credentialing officer at the college who hires you. If you are a new applicant, after you are hired by one of the colleges you will work with your college credentialing officer to obtain a credential.


Each postsecondary credential has specific criteria that must be met prior to issuance. To view more information about which program areas require which credentials, please see the Administrator’s Handbook.

All postsecondary credentials are issued at each postsecondary institution. If you have any questions, please contact the credentialing officer at your institution.

Apply for a Postsecondary Credential

Below are the forms required to be submitted when you are applying for a postsecondary credential.

If you have any questions, please contact your institution’s credentialing officer.

Apply for an Exception

If you receive a denial letter from your college credentialing officer you have the option to request an exception. To request an exception, you need to provide a letter to your college credentialing officer stating what you are requesting an exception for and the basis of that exception. The three areas an exception might be granted for are:

  • Exception on the related degree.
  • Exception if occupational experience requirements are not met.
  • Exception on the required CTE classes.

Credentialing officers will send all exception request letters and your complete application packet to the Board-Designated Oversight Committee for Credentialing (BDOC) for review. This group will review the entire application as submitted including transcripts, occupational experience and your letter requesting the exception. The BDOC then submits their recommendation to CCCS for review and acceptance or modification of the application.

If your request is approved, your college credentialing officer will be notified and they will issue you your credential.