“A Designated Career and Technical School (DCTS) is a school whose school board has declared its role and mission to deliver intensive instruction in career and technical education (CTE). The School shall offer a minimum of five CTE approved unique single site programs and enroll at least 75% of the facility’s total secondary student population in CTE approved programs. The School shall offer specialized student support services staff (career and technical education-credentialed counselors and/or job development/placement specialists) and employ a CTE -credentialed administrator operating in that role. There shall be agreements for providing CTE which shall include, but are not limited to, other schools in-district and schools from neighboring districts.”

— 8 CCR 1504-2 Rules for the Administration of CTA; Section 2.10


Completed applications should be submitted to the CTA Manager at CCCS and will then be reviewed by the SBCCOE.

Currently Approved DCTS Locations

Bollman Technical Education Center – Adams 12 Five Star Schools – approved 6-10-14 until 6-10-19
Boulder TEC – Boulder Valley RE2 – approved 6-10-14 until 6-10-19
Career Education Center(CEC) Middle College of Denver – Denver – approved 6-10-14 until 6-10-19
Grand Junction Career Occupational Center – Mesa County Valley 51 – approved 6-10-14 until 6-10-19
Pickens Technical Center – Aurora Public Schools – approved 6-10-14 until 6-10-19
St. Vrain Career Development Center – St. Vrain Valley Re1J – approved 6-10-14 until 6-10-19
Warren Tech – Jefferson County – approved 6-10-14 until 6-10-19
Warren Tech North – Jefferson County – approved 6-10-14 until 6-10-19