Training Schedule

CTA Training will be virtual for this reporting year. The training will cover topics including: The background of the Career and Technical Act, what updates have occurred and will impact the 2022 report, and navigating the new reporting site – including processes and deadlines. With training being virtual, there will not be limitations or registration required. However, there will be participation and follow up requirements to be awarded the final certification to count towards the CTE Director credential, so please be sure that you can participate in the entire training. You will need access to your district’s CTA Sandbox to participate – please confirm that you have access on If you do not, contact your district’s CTE key contact to add you as a CTA user.

This Training will count toward the CTE Director credential as well as be tracked for when you are going through the CTA reporting data.  

CTA Training will be offered virtually here:

  • Thursday, April 21, 2022 from 10:00am – 1:30pm

  • Monday, May 16, 2022 from 1:00pm – 4:30pm

  • Wednesday, June 8, 2022 from 9:00am – 12:30pm

  • Friday, June 24, 2022 from 1:00pm – 4:30pm

  • Tuesday, July 12, 2022 from 9:00am-12:30pm